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As a team of CFOs we are often asked to include supporting financial services that fall outside the scope of the CFO role. We have an expert team of associate professionals, such as bookkeepers, payroll specialists and part time accountants, who can meet the needs of your business, working on a regular or ad-hoc basis and compliment our work as your CFO.

Bookkeeping Services

We know that accurate books are pivotal to running a successful business, that’s why we’ve partnered with qualified bookkeepers to ensure our clients records are up-to-date. We can provide you with essential professional bookkeeping services from the panel of bookkeepers working under EMB’s tried and tested processes and supervision. This is a full start to end service from data capture to reconciliation, plus accounts payable and accounts receivable management.

Payroll Services

At EMB Business Solutions, we understand that payroll can be a difficult process for a business of any size. But if you have staff, it’s a vital part of your business. We can provide outsourced payroll services through our network of partners, helping you stay up-to-date on tax changes and regulation requirements so you can rest assured knowing your business remains compliant. Our partners follow relevant awards and pay rules, calculate gross wages and net tax, superannuation, manage fulfilment, generate pay slips and provide end of year payment summaries so you don’t have to worry.

Accountancy Services

In addition, we are also able to offer accountancy services, primarily to ensure the integrity of data in the general ledger after the bookkeeping function has completed its tasks. We’ll make sure you receive accurate and affordable accounting solutions and support from a team of qualified accountants.

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