Our hands on approach

At EMB Business Solutions, we dive right into your business with you. We know that business owners need a passionate and committed CFO who’s going to make a positive impact in your business.

As your CFO, we’ll take full responsibility for the financial function of your business. Our CFOs are highly skilled and practised in the corporate field with proven experience.

The businesses we work with tend to range from a turnover of $3 million to $20 million, although we have partnered with smaller and larger businesses on occasion. Talk to us about your specific requirements to see how we can help.

The Growing Business

Typically, once businesses reach a certain size, there is a real need for a CFO, when their financial situations become increasingly more complex as they grow. The challenge for many of these companies is that they simply don’t have room on their payroll to hire a full-time CFO – yet they lack the in-house financial experience necessary to make effective strategic plans and informed day-to-day decisions.

Outsourcing the CFO function to a seasoned professional is a way to bring on that much-needed financial expertise on a flexible and affordable basis – and at a level they would not be able to contemplate if they were hiring.

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The Changing Business

CFOs are increasingly required to partner with CEOs to drive transformations in their organisations. We are able to support CEOs through the organisational change process and navigate any issues that arise. We can take on the role of CFO where none exists, providing essential input to the management team. We’ll be helping to sustain profitable growth and minimise any negative financial impact imposed by change in your business, steering the team to a positive outcome and helping them prepare financially for the newly shaped business.

Do you have a major change in your business to navigate? Contact us to explore how we can help you.

The Business with a Project

Some businesses may be working well, growing effectively and firing on all cylinders – in all likelihood with their own in-house CFO and finance department. Then a big opportunity presents itself and the business is reluctant to over-stretch its incumbent team and divert attention from what has become a successful business. That’s where EMB can help. We compile a project team to scope, strategise and manage this new venture without risking a detrimental effect on the main business. We work in partnership with the existing team to ensure they are always fully informed and hand over the reins when the time is right.

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Every business owner needs an experienced “wing-man” – somebody to help you keep an eye on the money side of your business while you focus on the things that make you successful; to help you make the important business decisions you encounter as your business develops. Someone you can bounce your business ideas off, who will continually offer valuable input to your plans – then handle all the financial aspects for you – so you can focus on playing to your own particular strengths.

In other words, every business needs a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – yet most don’t really need someone full-time in that role – and would prefer not to have the full-time expense. That’s where our outsourced CFO Services can help you.

We give you back the time to concentrate on what is critical to your business and get back to what you do best, while we deliver the information and advice you need to run your business proactively and efficiently.

As a strategic partner and advisor, our role as CFO is to help you keep your company on a solid footing and moving in the right direction. Most of our time is spent working with you to improve operations, increase profitability and cash flow.

With EMB in the role of CFO, you’ll get all the benefits of a high-calibre, highly experienced CFO that is focused directly on your success – but, you’ll only pay exactly for what you need as your business grows.

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