A company in the airfield lighting industry. This company engaged EMB for our outsourced CFO services.

The Challenge

The company in question was on a steep growth path.
It needed to be able to fund this growth and needed to be able to both support and report on this growth.

The EMB Solution

First we worked with the management team to identify the most appropriate funding.

Then we created and established a number of simple working practices and implemented work flows, processes, an accounting system and reporting regimes from the outset.

We also worked directly with the CEO to manage and report on the profitability and funding for the company’s rapid growth.

The Results

We are proud to have worked closely with this company’s CEO for many years and continue to do so.

The company has grown exponentially in both revenue and profitability since it started. It is a recognised leader in its field.

EMB is continually working with the management team in refining workflows and processes to support the consistent growth of the business. This including working with the management on current and future funding requirements of the business.

The company is presently engaged on a number of projects in different locations in Australia. It is highly profitable and employs over 40 people today.

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